Food Photo Tips

They say "the camera eats first." So, let’s showcase your mouthwatering dish in the style it deserves. Here are some food photography tips:

Play with backgrounds and surfaces. If you have a recipe that is bursting with colour (as well as flavour!), use a more neutral background. Pro tip: wood surfaces always produce a great photo.

Find the best natural lighting. Flash photography is bright, but it can make your food look unappetizing. Natural lighting adds serious taste-appeal to make your food photos look drool-worthy!

Just like all of us, your dish has a "good side." Rotate it until you find the best angle to maximize the yummy.

Use social media to find inspiration. Foodie-grammers work hard to take the best photos to inspire others. Try to mimic your favourite insta-worthy pics!

How to Enter


Prepare your festive family favourite recipe with love. Don’t forget to include a Kraft Heinz product in the recipe to be eligible to win.


Snap a clear photo of your scrumptious final prepared dish. See photo tips above.


Upload your photo using the button below, or mail your recipe photo to us – check the terms & conditions for more information.

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